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Gambell Law, P.C.'s logo has been created.  If you are on the Gambell Law website, you will see it now in the top left hand corner of your screen (I's very small...the website doesn't let me make it any bigger...but if you are on a smart phone, you can zoom in to look at it in more detail).  Some of you will love it.  Some of you will hate it.  It has been a hotly debated topic especially among attorneys I have shown it to, with half of those who looked at it being very much against it, and half of those being very much for it.  The topic of debate was 95% aimed at the "e" in Gambell, which if you look closely, is of a bulldog sitting down.  In the world of attorneys, we by nature gravitate towards that which appears "professional."  We wear suits.  We read books.  We do our best to make shades of grey black and white.  Incorporating a bulldog into a logo is not what historically would be considered to fall within "professional" standards, and would be (and WILL be) frowned upon.  However, after debating, stressing, worrying, and fretting for months about it, I have decided to move forward with the concept as it has been created.  And the reason behind it is this: Gambell Law was not created to be like any other law firm, or any other historical notion of what is considered "professional."  I believe the old notion of "professional" attorneys is severely lacking in today's world.  Attorneys are currently viewed as uncaring, egotistical, untrustworthy, only in the profession for themselves, and quite frankly, boring.  We are by many a hated lot.  As I began working on opening the office I had a concept in mind: a family lawyer in today's world should be different.  They should care about their clients.  They should be willing to listen, even if they can't fix everything.  They should have an office that puts clients at ease, not further stresses them out...when I was decorating the office the thought in mind was that it should have the atmosphere of a relaxing spa, not a harsh doctor's (or lawyer's) office.  The bulldog logo is not going to please everyone.  But it is different.  It is fun.  And it is me.  Introducing:  Gambell Law, P.C.


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